Pendant Armor

Pendant Armor® is the first shock absorbing, chemical resistant bumper that guards teach pendant from drops, spills, and extreme manufacturing conditions. Manufactured from Santoprene, Pendant Armor is designed and engineered to allow for custom molding around each OEM’s unique pendant architecture, no matter the size or the shape. Pendant Armor protects the exposed components most often damaged when the pendant hits the ground, while it’s perforated, open-backed design minimizes additional weight without sacrificing critical protection. 

2256 Family

Compatible with these models: A05B-2256, A05B-2255, A05B-2258 (C100, C200) 

2301 Family

Compatible with these models: A05B-2301, A05B-2308, A05B-2518 (C300-307, C334) 

2490 Family

Compatible with these models: A05B-2490, A05B-2518 (C350, C370)